Full FAQ coming soon...

What services do you provide?

Guided backcountry expeditions, including canyoneering, desert adventures, high-alpine trekking, trips for women and other underrepresented groups who may have no experience hiking or camping. All in the spectacular landscape of Southern Utah. We can teach backcountry survival skills, the principles of Leave No Trace, old-school navigation, team building, executive retreats, and more.

What If I'm not able-bodied enough to hike into the wilderness?

Mobility issues need not stand between you and the backcountry! That's what our 4x4 vehicle is for. We are able to accommodate a variety of special needs, and an important part of our mission is to get all kinds of people back into the wild. That being said, for your own safety, we cannot accommodate  people with Type 1 diabetes, pregnancies over 3 months, advanced heart disease, and other serious medical conditions.

Will i get cold/wet/hungry?

It's the wilderness and we are teaching survival skills. If you want glamping, go to cochella or something.