Since 1993

Blue light is killing us.

Have you been slouched over your keyboard too long? Does social media just depress you? Forget the internet. Forget electricity. Step back in time & rediscover what it means to be alive. Bonus: you'll be a superstar when the zombie apocalypse hits.

About 72 hours after you leave artificial light, your circadian rhythm starts to change. The stars are out, the food is good, and today you learned how to make fire without a lighter, matches, or flint. Or navigate the old-fashioned way. Maybe you just want to learn wilderness basics. Interested in team building? There's nothing like learning how to build shelter together.

In this time of hyper-information and constantly depressing news, re-center yourself by cutting all the cords. Experience life the way our ancestors did for thousands of years- maybe they had a point.

Get out of the city and into your natural element.


Ready for adventure?

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